Healing our Nations

APHA -Aboriginal Persons Living with AIDS

The APHA fund was established in the mid 1990’s.This health and support fund is designed as a contribution to help First Nations people living with HIV/AIDS in the Atlantic Region support a healthy lifestyle. The contributions are given twice a year to our APHA members.

Where does the money come from?
The APHA fund is maintained by fundraising events such as AIDS Walks, AIDS BINGOs, orange shirt sales and through donations to Healing Our Nations.

What is the money for?
APHA funds are given to provide financial support to enable people with HIV/AIDS to live in a healthy manner. Funds are for vitamins, dietary supplements, fresh fruit and vegetables, warm clothing, household assistance, travel to traditional and/or western healers, and other services that are not covered by insurance. These payments happen twice a year with different amount each time. It depends on how many members and what funds are available at the time of distribution. 

All APHA Members
All of the members of Healing Our Nations have access to our resources at no cost. Also, if you would like to address issues or concerns related to HIV/AIDS we are available to provide support, referrals and advocacy.

To become a member
To become an APHA member please fill in the following form, Member Registration Form. This form will be automatically sent to the Program Manager where as it is a private email that only the Program Manager has access to.  You must be able to provide a letter from your doctor confirming HIV status, proof of First Nations Status as well as proof of residence in the Atlantic region when get back in touch with you.


Healing Our Nations is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of its members. All personal and health related information related to a member will be considered strictly confidential. Disclosure of such material will only occur with the written permission of the member or under a subpoena from a court of law.