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Myths and Facts About HIV and AIDS

Myths and Facts About HIV and AIDS

MYTH: The community has a right to know a person’s HIV+ status.

FACT: No. The community is not at risk from casual contact with an HIV+ person; therefore, only the HIV+ person has the right to disclose his or her status

MYTH: You can transmit AIDS from hugging or kissing an infected person.

FACT: No, you cannot. The Virus that causes AIDS can only be passed through blood, semen or vaginal fluids. Although the Virus is present in saliva, it is in such small amounts that it does not pose a risk. The Virus cannot live in air, so it is not found on skin.

MYTH: You can tell just by looking if a person has HIV/AIDS.

FACT: No, you cannot. A person can carry the HIV virus for years and still look healthy.

MYTH: You can get HIV from a mosquito bite.

FACT: HIV is only transmitted from one human to another through direct contact with bodily fluids.

MYTH: You can’t catch HIV/AIDS from oral sex.

FACT: Yes, you can. If you have any tiny cuts in your mouth from biting yourself, from cold sores, from dental work, from brushing your teeth, infected semen can be absorbed into your body.

MYTH: What if my lover doesn’t cum in my body? Will that keep me safe?

FACT: No. A small amount of semen is always released prior to cuming. If your lover is HIV positive, the Virus will enter your body in that pre-cum. ALWAYS USE A CONDOM. Free condoms are available from Healing Our Nations staff and Drug&Alcohol Workers.

MYTH: AIDS is a Gay man’s disease.

FACT: Anyone can get HIV/AIDS. Anyone can pass it on to someone else.