Healing our Nations

Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Family Fun Day

This event usually takes place in a different First Nation community in Atlantic Canada each year on World AIDS Day, December 1st or as close to it December 1st as possible. 

During the event community members will have the opportunity to win prizes while playing our educational games and learning about HIV/AIDS. There are also opportunities to learn information about Hepatitis C and other Sexually Transmitted Blood Borne Infections. 

The event is for all family and community members to gather in one place to learn about HIV and AIDS through games. This is done in a passport style where participants play each game and have their passport initialed to show they completed the game. Once they have all sections of the passport initialed they will receive one of the available prizes. 

Games are; 

  • Bean Bag toss
  • Spin the Wheel

If you have any games suggestions for future fun days please email them to jthomas@unsm.org 

The fun doesn’t stop there;

  • We will hire from within the community to offer food and beverages to participants
  • Provide a sweet treat or dessert to participants
  • Either face painting or balloon animal’s or a bouncy castle for the guests who can not participate in the educational games
  • Photo Booth – mini polaroid photos 
  • HIV/AIDS BINGO – with prizes


This year the AAAW will be;

Date: December 5, 2023

Time: 10am-2pm

Location: Lennox Island First Nation; John Sark Memorial School

HIV BINGO – 5 games


Spin the Wheel

Bouncy Castle

Healing Our Nations Christmas Photo Booth and more

Lunch will be provided on a first come first serve basis 12pm

Come play our HIV Education Games for your chance to win one of our three prizes;

*1st place Smart TV

*2nd place King size Indigenous designed Blanket and sheet set

*3rd place Traditional Medicine bundle and HON swag