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We offer support if you have HIV/AIDS and don’t know where to turn, we can meet in private or you can visit our office. Now one will know what we discuss.

Healing Our Nations provides information on treatments for HIV/AIDS.

We offer fianancial help for First Nations People living with HIV/AIDS living in Atlantic Canada through our APHA membership.

Healing Our Nations has a toll-free number that won’t cost you anything to call. It won’t show up on your phone bill nor will we know your number when you call us. It is anonymous.1-800-565-4255

Our Workshops

Our Community Health Educators/Community Health Coordinator/Youth Peer Educator will provide Interactive Culturally Relevant Education Sessions to communities on the following subjects:

Cultural Competence/Cultural Awareness Training  – for non-Aboriginal organizations who serve and work with Aboriginal/First Nations People – Once this workshop is complete you will have a better understanding of the culture and traditions of First Nations and Indigenous people in Atlantic Canada. – Duration 2-3 hours or 2 days

·         HIV/AIDS 101 – This workshop focuses on the transmission, treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS. –  Duration 1-3 hours

·         Hepatitis 101 –  This workshop focuses on the transmission, treatment and prevention of Hepatitis A, B and C. – Duration 1-3 hours

·         Sexually Transmitted Blood Borne Infections – This workshop focuses on the transmission, treatment and prevention.  Duration 1-3 hours

·         Substance Misuse – This workshop focuses on what the most common substances being used, what effects they have on your body, your family and your community, what happens if you mix different substances and how to recognize if someone has consumed substances. Duration 1-3 hours  

·         How to talk to your kids about Sex and Sexuality – This workshop is a Train the Trainer for parents and/or guardians. The workshop focuses on parents and guardians who would like to learn how to talk to their children in a way that won’t make either one uncomfortable. The participants will be able to take them home the manual to have the children and parent/guardian complete the activities in the manual/workbook together. Duration 2 days

·         Youth Peer Mentor – This training focuses on training youth to become community peer mentors. HON understands that peer education is a very important part of growing up, so we want to train Aboriginal youth on and off reserve to discuss important harm reduction methods with their family, friends and community member in an informal setting. The youth will participate in a two day training that includes topics but not limited too; Facilitation skills, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Sexually Transmitted Blood Borne Infections, Substance misuse and Healthy Relationships, Personal Boundaries and more. Once the training is complete the youth will be given a tool kits of pamphlets and condoms to distribute to whoever they feels could benefit from the material/products. The participants will receive a certificate saying they complete the training and they are now Peer Mentors.

·         Healthy Relationships – This workshop focuses on what is a healthy and non-healthy relationship, how to recognize what type of relationship you are in and how to set boundaries to protect yourself from entering an unhealthy relationship. Duration 1-3 hours

·         Recognizing and dealing HIV/HCV/STI related Stigma and Discrimination – The objectives of this workshop is to define and recognize stigma and discrimination, Identify the causes and consequences of stigma and discrimination and introduce strategies to be used to decrease stigma and discrimination – Duration 1-3 hours

·         Aboriginal Women and Addictions – for non-Aboriginal organizations who serve and work with Aboriginal/First Nations People  – Healing Our Nations will develop and deliver a 2-3 day training on working with Aboriginal women struggling with addictions. This training is designed for front line workers and professionals who are working with Aboriginal women who are struggling with addictions during their child bearing years. It will give them a better understanding of the Aboriginal women, share some traditional teachings and identify ways of healing.

·         Inter-generational trauma and Residential Schools – This workshop focuses on the impact of residential school and the inter-generational trauma it has caused, it also focuses on how to move forward as Aboriginal people through our culture and traditions – Duration 1-2 hours

·         Sex over 50 – This workshop focuses on sexuality for people age 50 and up. Once participants have completed this workshop they will have a better understanding of what is a healthy relationship, personal boundaries and how to set them, sexually transmitted infections and prevention. –Duration 2 hours

  • Naloxone Training – In partnership with the Nova Scotia Health Authority – This workshops focuses on the signs of opioid overdose, how Naloxone works, when to use it, and how to effectively respond and administer Naloxone during an opioid overdose

·         Information booths – HON will set-up an information booth FREE, we will have information for all ages on HIV, Hep C and Sexually Transmitted Infections. We always have free condoms, dental dams and female condoms at our booths.

All of the workshops HON offers have a cultural component. HON includes smudging, talking circles, medicine wheel teachings and crafts into the sessions. Not all of the cultural components discussed will take place during each session but there will definitely be at least one of them per session. Also each session has interactive learning games/activities to replace using a power point the entire presentation.

Custom Workshops

Healing Our Nations can customize any of the above workshops to fit specific group needs. Some examples of workshops we have been invited to do include: Aboriginal Women & Self Esteem , Aboriginal Men & HIV, Harm Reduction, HIV and/or Hepatitis C in the Workplace and many more.

Booking workshops with Healing Our Nations is easy. Use our online booking system or contact us at jthomas@unsm.org or calling at 1-902-492-4255. Our staff will more than willing to determine what program and what workshop is best for you or your group.

Would you like additional information about workshops, APHA, or HIV/AIDS?

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