Healing our Nations

Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are about a lot more than just sex. They are based upon self respect and self-esteem. Healthy relationships take time; time to know, trust and like each other.

What makes a healthy relationship?
•Mutual respect
•Separate Identities
•Good Communication

Unhealthy Relationships:
These are the types of relationships where your partner is abusing you either mentally or physically. The abused person does not even believe that they are being abused, because they think they are being loved.

Characteristics of an unhealthy relationship
•Your partner constantly criticizes you and puts your down.
•Your partner is jealous and controlling.
•You never know where you stand.
•You feel pressure to do things you don’t want to do.
•There is a lot of yelling in your relationship.
Bill of Dating Rights:
I have the right to:
•trust myself above all others.
•decent treatment by anyone I date.
•refuse to date anyone.
•be safe on a date.
•pay my own way on a date.
•be assertive on a date.
•have mutually consenting and pleasurable sex.
•refuse to have sex.
•be respected as a person.
•disagree with a date.
•say no.
•get angry.
•fulfill myself with or without a partner in my life.
•know who I am.
•know who I am dating.
•determine who I will date.
•use my own transportation on date.
•leave any dating situation if my instincts tell me so.